Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifying conditions meet the requirement to get a medical marijuana card?

Maine State law has lifted the mandated qualifying conditions, allowing most medical or mental health conditions to qualify. 

Will my information be shared with other agencies or my doctor's office?

Under the HIPAA privacy laws your information is confidential. It will not be shared with anyone, including your doctor's office, unless you give written consent. 

Can I get a medical marijuana card if I am not a Maine resident?

You must have a valid Maine State ID or Maine driver's to apply.

How long is my medical marijuana card valid for?

Medical marijuana cards are valid for one year. If your card is lost or damaged the replacement card will expire on the same expiration date that the original card had.


How will the consultation completed?

Your consultation will be completed through the website.


Is the consult private and secure? is a secure HIPPA compliant telehealth site for patients and providers to use.

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